Our Services

Our Full service comprises a detailed care package that encompasses oil and oil filter replacements, fuel filter and wiper blade replacements, coolant fluid and washer fluid top-ups, and cabin and air filter replacements. Among these are also included an inspection of the break level, differential level and top-off. Our team of technicians conduct extensive assessments and keep your vehicle in top shape through light bulb and crank case replacements/ inspection and providing an additional greasing service for the fifth wheel when applicable, PTO, steering, driveline, suspension, and brake components.

Our standard maintenance service for diesel vehicles provides a thorough inspection of oil levels, coolant levels, differential fluid levels and washer fluid levels, as well as topping off any of these fluids that are low. We also inspect wiper blades and replace them as necessary, along with the cabin air filter. In addition, we check all lights to ensure they are operating correctly and inspect the air filter.Our greasing service entails a full lubrication of the fifth wheel when applicable and grease the driveline components, brake components, suspension components, steering components, and PTO components.

Our entry service is a comprehensive lubrication solution that ensures all crucial components on your vehicle remain properly greased and functioning at their peak performance. Our team of technicians use high-quality lubricants to grease key areas such as the fifth wheel, the driveline, suspension, steering, PTO, and brakes. Regular greasing reduces friction, wear, and the risk of costly repairs. Proper lubrication also prevents rust and corrosion and the added expense of repairing and relacing such parts adding to unnecessary downtime.

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